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Catching Fire Reading Comprehension Workbook

This Workbook contains over 125 pages of reading comprehension worksheets with comprehension questions and vocabulary words for Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins! (Sample Pages.) After purchase you’ll receive an instant PDF printable download
*Purchase includes a license for a single teacher’s classroom(s), or homeschool.

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There are seven sections in our reading comprehension workbooks. Click on any section to see a sample page.

» Teacher's Guide» Student's Guide» Student Workbook» Student Workbook Answer Key» Key Questions Worksheet» Key Questions Answer Key» Blank Multi-use Worksheets
Several vocabulary words, and reading comprehension questions for each chapter. (Some guides include prediction questions.) Vocabulary words include page numbers and EDL grade level. Answers are included in the teacher guide.
Unlike the workbook, the “guide” doesn’t contain blank spaces for the student’s to write in the answers, but it contains all of the same content, or more (in most cases). We provide this additional version for flexibility as some teachers may not want blank spaces. Some teachers use these worksheets in conjunction with the blank multi-use worksheets also provided. This student’s guide matches the teacher’s guide.
The same comprehension, and vocabulary questions contained in the guide followed by blanks for students to provide answers. Comprehension and vocabulary questions include the page numbers where the answers can be located.
To make things easier we layed out the answers to match the student workbook exactly. Reading-Comprehension-Guides-Student-Workbook-Answer-Key
A brief worksheet providing ten questions covering key elements of the story with blanks provided for a student’s answers. Reading-Comprehension-Guides-Divergant-reading-Comprehension-Worksheets-Sample
You guessed it, the answer key for the Key Questions worksheet. Answers are layed out exactly as they are in the key questions worksheet for easy grading. Reading Comprehension Worksheets Divergent Key Questions Sample Page
Vocabulary worksheet with 10 blanks for definitions. Comprehension worksheet with 5 blanks for answers. Combined vocabulary and comprehension worksheet
Designed to be used with the vocabulary and comprehension questions in the student guide. Comprehension Worksheet Sample Page Vocabulary Worksheet Sampel Page Vocabulary and Comprehension worksheet sample page
Click here to view reading comprehension worksheet samples

About Catching Fire

“Stellar, imaginative writing.”

– LA Times

Catching Fire is book two of the much lauded dystopian science fiction adventure series The Hunger Games. In this sequel to The Hunger Games Katniss and Peeta participate in their victory tour through the districts and soon become the faces of rumors of rebellion brewing against the Capital. The Capital decides to take revenge and prove who’s really in control by making a cruel change to the rules of the upcoming 75th Hunger Games.

Katniss and Peeta are compelled to enter the Hunger Games arena again, but this time they must play against previous survivors. This results in Katniss competing against Peeta.

Catching Fire was written by Suzzane Collins and has won numerous awards and was #1 on all major bestseller lists.

#1 Usa Today Bestseller
#1 New York Times Bestseller
#1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller
#1 Publishers Weekly Bestseller
A New York Times Editors’ Choice
Publishers Weekly’s Best Books Of 2009: Children’s Fiction
A Los Angeles Times Best Children’s Book Of 2009
A Booklist Editors’ Choice, 2009
A Kirkus Best Book Of 2009
#1 Yalsa’s Teens’ Top Ten, 2010
NYPL “Stuff For The Teen Age” List, 2010
2010 Children’s Choice Book Award
Teen Choice Book Of The Year Winner
And many more…

Main themes of Catching Fire include sacrifice, survival, and the balance between interdependence and independence.

License and other information…

The purchase of this workbook entitles an individual teacher to reproduce pages for their own class, or home, use. Any other use requires permission from the publisher. You can pay with a credit card, PayPal, or (in some cases) other means. If you have any trouble contact Adam at, or via our chat. Please do not share our workbooks with other teachers and homeschoolers. If you can’t afford to purchase our workbooks, just contact us for a discount. 🙂

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$15.00 $10.99

(100% Money Back Guarantee)

You can can SAVE 90%
when you purchase all of our 70+ workbooks!
$769, now $69.99