Bud, Not Buddy

Over 100 pages of time saving reading comprehension materials for Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis. Worksheets, workbooks, guides, and answer keys with hundreds of comprehension questions and vocabulary words. See more details below.

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Reading Comprehension Guides

Contents of Each Set of Materials

Section 1 - Teacher's Guide

  • Several vocabulary words, and reading comprehension questions for each chapter. (Some guides include prediction questions.)
  • Vocabulary words include page numbers and EDL grade level.
  • Answers are included in the teacher guide.

Section 2 - Student's Guide

  • Exactly the same as the teacher's guide excluding answers, and EDL grade level information.
  • Best used in conjunction with our blank Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension worksheets for flexibility.

Section 3 - Student Workbook

  • The same comprehension, and vocabulary questions contained in the guide followed by blanks for students to provide answers.
  • Comprehension and vocabulary questions include the page numbers where the answers can be located.

Section 4 - Student Workbook Answer Key

  • Answers are layed out exactly as they are in the student workbook for easy grading.

Section 5 - Key Questions Worksheet

  • A brief worksheet providing ten questions covering key elements of the story with blanks provided for a studen't answers.

Section 4 - Key Questions Answer Key

  • Answers are layed out exactly as they are in the key questions worksheet for easy grading.

Section 5 - Addtional Blank Worksheets

    • Vocabulary worksheet with 10 blanks for definitions.
    • Comprehension worksheet with 5 blanks for answers.
    • Combined vocabulary and comprehension worksheet
      Designed to be used with the vocabulary and comprehension questions in the student guide.


The purchase of this book entitles an individual teacher to reproduce pages for their own class, or home, use. Any other use requires permission from the publisher. You can pay with a credit card through PayPal. A PayPal account is NOT required. You will have 24 hours to download your materials. If you have any trouble contact Adam at adam@readingforcomprehension.com. All of our materials are protected by copyright. Please do not share our materials. All of our materials contain a stamp of the buyers name, and order number on every page. Thank you!




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